7:00 AM

She woke up before her alarm again. She’s restless.

10:00 AM

She gets up and does everything she needs to do before going to work except breakfast.

11:00 AM

Right on time. It’s cold in the office, as usual. She starts to do the work that they paid her to do.

She’s good at her job and people like her. Three years in the company and a top performer. She’s expecting a promotion soon.

8:00 PM

Time to go home but there are still so much to do in the office.

10:00 PM

She heads home. She hasn’t eaten dinner yet.

10:30 PM

Dinner alone as usual. Everyone else is already sleeping.

11:30 PM

She sits on the bed with her sleeping laptop. She opens the device and sees the title of her unwritten novel.

She sighs. Maybe tomorrow. She thinks to herself.

She sets her alarm to 9:40 AM.


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