Locker 419

I walked these empty halls thinking to myself how time flew by so fast.

Locker 419. My locker.

I never did put a lock on this thing. Maybe because I would always forget the code.

We weren’t allowed to put any designs on our lockers so there wasn’t any way to tell it apart from the other ones other than the number indicated on the front.

Locker 419. The locker in front of our classroom.

Our classroom. Big enough to fit more than fifty people. Normally, there would only be forty students inside.

My seat was in the middle left side of the room. I had the perfect view of TV in the front.

I remembered that I always fell asleep in class. The times when our teacher would say that we would be watching a movie for class are my favorite.

My seatmate would wake me up when the movie was over.

I didn’t really talk to a lot of my classmates. I had a few friends and we would hang out in the corner near to where the TV was during breaks.

I remember all the stories we used to tell each other. The laughs and tears that we shared. Our disagreements and our reconciliations.

7:00 am. It said in the clock on the wall.

It’s almost time.

I sat in our corner.

Students began to enter the room.

Different emotions on their faces. Happiness, excitement, restlessness.

The teacher arrived soon after. She walked towards the TV. She was getting closer to me.

She was right in front of me now. I can see her but she can’t see me.


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