The doorbell rang.

Weird, I wasn’t expecting company.

I opened the door to see you carrying loads of paper bags.

“Could you give me a little hand?” you asked.

“Did you buy everything in the store?” I asked while grabbing a couple of the bags.

“Ha! I wish,” you said. “I just got the essentials.”

“Right, the essentials,” I said. “Didn’t you just buy a pair of boots last week?” I could see a new pair poking out of their box.

“Yeah, but these ones looked so cute. See?” you said.

“Yeah I see it. I also see a bunch of other ‘essential’ things that you bought,” I said. “You do know that if a zombie apocalypse were to happen you’d have to leave all these things behind, right?”

But you weren’t listening to me anymore. You were already trying on your new boots.


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