The Dress

What should I wear today? I scanned through the assortment of sweaters, dresses and shirts in my closet. There wasn’t much to choose from. Most of my clothes were scattered all over my room.

I should probably clean up. I thought to myself. But there’s no time for that now. Focus!

I went back to searching for something to wear.

Several minutes had already passed when I finally found the perfect outfit. It was a beige baby doll dress with a laced detail in the front. Nice.

I looked at myself one last time in the mirror before heading out.

He arrived on time, as usual. I got in his car and greeted him with a cheerful hello.

As we were leaving the village, an upbeat song played on the radio. I started to dance in my seat. A little out of beat, in my opinion.

“It doesn’t look right,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I stopped and asked.

“Well, you’re wearing a beautiful dress but you’re dancing like that. It just doesn’t look right.”

“You’re being judgemental again,” I said.

“I’m not being judgemental,” he said. I was about to say my piece about how women shouldn’t be judged by the clothes that they wear when he continued.

“Imagine if you were wearing a wedding dress and,” before he could finish his sentence, I interrupted.

“A wedding dress?” I said. “Wait, are you low-key asking me to marry you?”

He laughed and I continued to dance.


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